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8-6-8 Twin Mesh 2.4M is available to buy in increments of 1
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2.4 M 868 High Twin Mesh
8-6-8 Twin Mesh 2.4M

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    8-6-8 Twin Mesh 2.4M

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    A Robust mesh with two horizontal 8mm wires and one vertical 6mm wire for extra rigidity and the large apertures also provide excellent Visibility.
    8-6-8 Twin Mesh 2.4M is available to buy in increments of 1

    win Wire Mesh is a robust, easy to install fencing system offering an aesthetically pleasing low maintenance solution.

    The combination of height, strength and appearance makes these ideal fences for a wide range of applications from commercial, industrial and educational to sport and recreational grounds.

    8-6-8 Twin Mesh is made up from two parallel 8mm wires running across one vertical 6mm wire.  

    The apertures in the mesh are all the same size and are 200mm by 50mm .

    The Panels are 3M wide and line up on the post to the next panel meaning the post centers are also 3M. The post is atcually 3M High which allows you to dig in the 0.6M under ground unless you choose for the posts to base plated in which case the posts will be cut to 2.4M and the base plate added.


    The posts are made of 60mm by 40mm box section steel which are galvinised and powder coated green Ral 6005. If you are digging in the posts we would recommend no less than 1.5 bags of our post mix per post.

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